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Unbiased player analysis, evaluation and feedback provided by professional scouts, through video analysis.

(You provide the video)

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Tap into our network of professional scouts, former pros and pro licensed coaches to analyze your skills and game play, to provide you an unbiased critique of your abilities and a VIABILITY REPORT of playing on a professional team in the United States or abroad.

This report includes detailed analysis of your playing skills, and VALUABLE FEEDBACK of your current state of development.

We’ll tell you WHAT you need to improve & HOW to do it. We’ll tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to become marketable to pro teams.


On the other hand, if you already have that “something” that pro teams want, we’ll find you professional representation (an agent), and get you a trial with a pro or semi-pro team within 150 miles of your location.

Even better, if you’re the best thing we’ve ever seen, then we’ll fly you directly to a trial with an MLS team and call Juergen Klinnsman. REALLY!

Get your player evaluation and PRO SOCCER VIABILITY REPORT now, to see where you stand.

Our report is the only way to get unbiased feedback from a professional soccer scout.

You’re report will include:

View a sample report here –

Upon receipt of your payment, you’ll receive an an email with an upload link to upload your video, OR you can provide us a link to your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).


  1. *A full, UNCUT *training session
  2. **Two full games of video (**see notes below)
  3. ***Three, separate 30 second interviews.

Interviews should include:

  1. Your vital statistics,
    • name
    • age
    • height
    • weight
    • nationality
    • country of birth
    • city of residence
  2. Describing your youth playing experience
  3. Thanking the most influential person in your life


Training video should be close enough to show detail.  We should be able to see the entire body of the athlete, while also able to see the branding on the shoes and shirt. (We don’t care about the branding.  It’s just an example.)

**GAME FOOTAGE should be uncut and show at least half of the field and the ball at all times.  We need to see what the player is doing off of the ball, in relation to it’s position.  For instance, if the player is a GK, and the ball is at the other goal, the footage should probably include the entire field.  However, if the ball is at the player’s feet, at least half the field should be in the frame, so we can see how the player reacts to their surroundings.


Think “post-game”.  At the field or in the living room, candid semi-closeup (head and shoulders) footage. The more “raw” the better.  Again, we want uncut video – NO EDITING.


Your report will include

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. What coaches are likely to say about your abilities
  4. What scouts are likely to say about your abilities

These are unfiltered, behind-closed-doors-type observations and may be painful to read.  Nothing is impossible in this world, but you need to keep an open mind.  Very few players with professional aspirations make it to the pro levels, mostly because they never got any meaningful feedback.  We provide that meaningful feedback.  That means that if you’re overweight, we’ll tell you.  If you’re playing from your heals, can’t trap the ball, or have no ball control, we’ll tell you. However, we’ll also tell you HOW TO FIX IT, and provide access to resources that will help you improve.

*NOTE:  By purchasing the Player Analysis package and submitting footage to U.S. Soccer Scout (or any of it’s affiliates), you consent to our using your footage on our website or in any promotional tools, now or in the future. You relinquish and give to the Released Parties all right, title, a
nd interest that we may have in the footage, screenshots, freeze-frames, reproductions, and copies of the original video footage.

This may be included in the video footage in whole or in part, in composite or distorted form, or in reproductions thereof, in color or otherwise, with or without my name, made and published through any medium including, but not limited to, any printed medium, video, and/or on the internet.

This consent authorizes both any initial and any subsequent publication or disclosure of the video footage, with or without
your identity, at any time. By purchasing this package, you waive any right that you may have to inspect or approve the finished product or the advertising or other copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

You release and discharge all Released Parties, from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the editing of the video, or in any processing toward the completion of any edited product.

Of course, we will not do anything that we would constitute as harmful to you or your career. However, if you have concerns, call us.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ricky Heim

    It hurt me to read it at first, but once I watched my video again, I could see exactly what you were talking about. Like not trapping the ball or recovering. I thought I was doing fine, but when I read the report and compred it to the video it seemed pretty obvious. I felt so dumb but I fixed it. The coach says I’m so much better now, but he doesn’t know why. LOL. 🙂

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